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Facebook is a great social network many users with a series of shared features help connect people anytime noi.Ben inherent edge features such as Messenger, News, Timeline, ... facebook mobile version much furthermore these utilities help you better experience the virtual space awfully impressed by it, and link it directly with real life. APK file downloaded together of Facebook for Android to experience this largest social network.
Along download Facebook for Android app - the largest social network in the world. Share and update information from facebook friends quickly than ever before.

Use your mobile Facebook would be very useful assistance as chat, exchange information with people in individual, group or community is free. Also, with Facebook on your phone to download you will make distance no longer an issue. Any demand anything of you just shared on facebook, just a few moments later there will be parties for your needs.

Also, you can share photos, mood, video ... with everyone around, updating the latest information about them. You can expensive to call a long distance international phone but did not take charge when chatting with them via facebook.

The Facebook application with interface changes and new features for mobile helps users not boring and use more convenient.


- Monitoring the activities of friends

- Share updates, photos, videos ...

- Receive notifications when friends choose Like and comment content Facebook

- Talk, chat and discussion groups

- Play the game and use your favorite applications

- Send the message stickers stickers to individual becomes more fun.

- Remove unwanted comments on your uploaded content.

- Get directions, check-in, call work and other content directly from the top of the page to Facebook.

- Users can change image Profile.

- Hide and report all spam in the News Feed.

- Less than to manipulate the Message Group.

- New shared path enables sharing stories from the news feed.

- Tag your friends on any post, comment or photo.

- Support smileys, hearts and other emoji icons in messages.

- To arrange the feed, click the button next to News Feed in the left sidebar.

- Fix security and bugs from the previous version.

- Change the user's avatar.

- Hide and report stories in News Feed junk.

- A few touch operations to start a group conversation.

With android version upgrade new Facebook, you can access anytime, anywhere update information of relatives and friends around you easier. With connectivity anytime, anywhere with anyone you can share as well as help to everyone, while also calling for and receive help more quickly and conveniently. People interconnected easier nothing more intimate than the wait.